Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart Attacks means when the flow of oxygen rich blood to a section of heart muscles suddenly become blocked and the heart can’t get the oxygen if left untreated .Section of a heart start to die. Doctors strongly suggest seeking help within an hour after the onset of symptoms this critical period is called the golden hour where chances of surviving are the best.

1.Chest pain: is the most common heart attack symptoms but some women may experience it differently than man .It may  feel like squeezing or fullness and  the pain can be anywhere in the chest, not just on the left side .It is usually truly uncomfortable during heart attack feels like a voice  being tightened. Pain in your arm, back, neck or jaw. This type of pain is more common in women than men. It may confused  women expect their pain to be focused on chest and left arm, not their  back or jaw . The pain can be gradual or sudden.

2.Shortness of breath: if you are having trouble of breath for no apparent reason you could be having heart attack.  It can feel like, you have run a marathon but you did not make a move.

3.Dizziness and sweating: absolutely can be symptoms of heart attack and women dizziness can come because if the heart muscles does’t  receiving enough blood then heart muscle don’t function properly and is unable to pump adequate blood amount to brain which make you feel sweating. Alternatively if  heart muscles is not pumping enough blood then body ramps up  its system to increase the amount of Adrenaline which cause you to sway because it’s really trying to get the heart to work more efficiently but the heart is unable to work because it’s being starved of blood flow at the time of heart attack.

4.Fatigues: some women who have heart attack feel like extremely tired even they have been sitting still for a while or having not moved much. Patients often complain about the tiredness of chest. Women generally wait longer than men before going to the emergency room.

5.High blood pressure: through the year’s women can develop heart failure which is related to thickening of the heart muscles these women are generally older and they were often under diagnosed because they believe that at this time of life they should be fatigued, tired, short of breath.

Heart attack symptoms in women

Women can prevent Heart Attack

1. Keeping blood pressure under control number

2. Quit smoking

3. They should take proper diet and low carbohydrate diet

4. Do basic exercises on daily basis

5.Check your weight

6. Lastly they should keep all the emergency contact numbers of doctors and hospitals




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