Female Hormones

Hormones in the female body like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) . These hormones produce in female ovaries in rotation and level of these hormones increases or decrease during ovulation. Estrogen is considered the most important hormones in the female body, its make lining of the uterus, activate breast tissues and make vaginal wall thick. This hormone affects every part of female organs.

Progesterone hormones develop in the last 14 days of the menstrual cycle in the female body and it helps  in creating uterus lining, affects sensitive tissues of estrogen hormones as well.

Female hormones


Testosterone hormone plays an important role in sex desire.

Estrogen hormones increase metabolism, accumulate fat in the body, reduces muscle mass, turn up sexual desire and make uterus healthy. Lack of estrogen  lead to irregular periods, leave out of periods, Mood swings, infertility, lack of sexual desire and early menopause are other problems.

Progesterone  also known as pregnancy hormones. This hormone prepares the uterus to conceive a pregnancy .It is supposed that progesterone hormone increase milk production and ease in delivery due to a lower level of this hormone after pregnancy. Most female faces problems like heavy and irregular periods, recurrent abortion problems due to deficiency of this hormone in the body. Pre-menstrual syndrome, an increase in belly fat, quickly tired, depression and Osteoporosis are problems because of low levels of progesterone hormone in the body.

Testosterone is considered to be important sex hormone in the female body. Its enhance sexual desire besides changes in puberty like changes in voice, pimples and play a vital role in the growth of the body. Female faces problem like hair loss, dry skin and turning off sexual feeling due to lack of this hormone etc. Prolactin hormones help in the lactation process by activating the pituitary glands in the brain. It also plays a pertinent role in the development of a child during pregnancy. Normally, female faces the shortage of this hormone at the time of delivery due to too much bleeding.

Unbalanced Hormones:

Hormones become imbalanced due to an  increase in estrogen hormones and turn down in progesterone hormone.it happens due to changes in lifestyle and growing age of the female ,now young girls also facing this problem in metro cities.

There are various reasons for unbalanced hormone-like:

1). Anxiety and depression due to tensions.

2). Genetic reasons.

3). Birth controls pill and hormone replacement therapy.

4). Enhance in Weight and BMI. Estrogen hormones level increase due to secretion of body fat cells.

5). Unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep etc.

 Diets for hormones:

1). Control unbalance hormones by having nutritional and control diet like zinc control testosterone, eat dark chocolates, ground nut, beef, lamb, crab and fish

2). Increase fiber in the  diet. Includes high fiber diet like whole wheat, fruits and vegetables and these controls estrogen hormone in the  body. 



3). Eat Omega 3 fatty acids thing like walnuts and fish maintained the hormone in balance.

4). Prohibit caffeine and alcohol. Too much consumption of caffeine and alcohol create a  pre-menstrual problem and its also increase the weight, which put you into an unbalance hormone cycle.

5).Eat vitamin-B5 contains foods. Tryptophan found in large quantity in milk, curd,eggs and fish which control stress hormone cortisol and make changes in sleep hormone melatonin.