In Vitro Fertilisation Process (IVF).

What is In Vitro fertilisation (IVF) ?
IVF stand for In Vitro Fertilization Pregnancy which means making pregnancy process artificial. IVF is a process by which an egg is fertilised by male sperm outside the body, in glass (Vitro). There were few cases of becoming mothers through the In VitroFertilisation process (IVF) some year back, but no. of cases of IVF mother has been increased sharply in last 2-3 years. When males or female reaches the stage of infertility due to any reason or when female can’t conceive through natural way then requires In Vitro Fertilisation process (IVF).

Process of IVF:
Female egg fertilises with male sperm in this process. The Same condition is required for this process like temperature, attempt to give hormones, which is naturally available in any female body. Thereafter, fertilised egg places in the women’s uterus. Treatment in a fertility clinic is started on the second day of the period so that doctor can check whether the fertilisation procedure is working properly or not and if its fertilised then put into the uterus. There is 50-50 chance of success of IVF procedure. The Doctor tells about the physical look, character of the donor but their identity never discloses. Doctor always tries to find donor should be similar to parents looks.
The whole IVF process costs between Rs.160000to 210000 if IVF success in the first attempt otherwise you have to pay again. It can be reduced to Rs.50000 if the doctor has an extra frozen embryo.

Four kinds of technique:

1-Intracyptoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). This technique is used either when the female tube is blocked or sperm count is very low. Sperm donation process also follows in this technique. Sperm injects directly into an egg under this procedure.

2-Laser Hatching: This process requires when female try to conceive at a later age. Due to increasing age, egg wall becomes very strong and sperm fails to enter into that wall so the egg wall open with the help of laser hatching technique allows sperm head to enter inside egg wall.

3-Blastocyst culture: This is the second stage of IVF fertilisation in which fertilised egg implant in the uterus and purpose of this process is to maximise pregnancy rate and minimise the risk of multiple pregnancies.

4-Zona free embryo transfer: when blastocyst culture also fails in old age female due to a very strong outer covering of blastula stage, then doctor uses enzymes to make that outer covering weaker.

Reason for infertility:
Physical reasons:
1- 1 out of 5 is not conceiving due to tuberculosis.
2- the Inappropriate timing of the egg is the major reason for infertility and this include disturb menstrual cycle.
3- Menstrual cycle never starts in some cases.
4- Absence of sperm in male or low quantity or low quality of sperm.
5- Sometimes it happens that females can’t conceive even after fertilisation or due to miscarriage.
Lifestyle related reason:
1- Stress is the biggest problem in conceiving a normal pregnancy.
2- Unhealthy lifestyle among female leads to obesity, which create thyroid problem and this disturb fertility hormones.
3- Polycystic ovary syndrome is another reason of infertility in females.
If the female uterus fits for conceiving, pregnancy then IVF procedure is the right option. IVF the process is also suitable when no. egg formation in females, low count of egg, blockage in the tube or some deficiency in the male.

In Vitro Fertilisation Process (IVF).

 who requires surrogacy?
If a female is not capable of conceiving uterus pregnancy, then she needs a surrogate mother even after IVF and whatever condition of the male have no role in surrogacy. Surrogacy requires for the following reason:
1. Multiple abortion
2. When uterus becomes weak, then it’s become difficult to sustain the embryo.
3. In some case, uterus takes out due to some reason.
4. Fibroid in the uterus is a major issue nowadays which also create problems in conceiving.
5. Some female are not ready mentally for children.

What is the process of surrogacy?
If the egg in female and sperm in a male is available, then fertilised egg implant with the help of IVF in the surrogate mother. But in case, if egg or sperm is not available, then fertilisation process start after taking from a donor.
Too much caring is required in surrogacy as a child is growing in another womb.
It’s cost around 8 to 10 lakh rupees.

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