How to increase the low platelets count

It’s common to suffer diseases in changing weather condition, viral cases increase tremendously and most of the doctors recommend taking foods full of vitamin C. Actually, most of the diseases weaken the immune system which ultimately affects the platelets count.

The function of Platelets in a body.
Any young people have 6 litres blood, Blood is formed of many sorts of cells. These cells float during a liquid known as plasma. the categories of blood cells are:

1-red blood cells
2-white blood cells
3-platelets, or thrombocytes

Platelets consist of the maximum share of blood, Platelets normal size is in .002 to .004 micrometre. It’s looks like oval shape through a microscope, a young person has between 150000 to 400000 platelets per cubic millimetre. The major function of platelets is to stop bleeding in the body. Platelets create a temporary wall after mixing with collagen fluid and stop the damage of blood drain. Platelets bone marrow ,very small particles mix up with blood due to thrombopoietin hormone, these thrombopoietin hormones destroy itself within 8 to 10 days. The function of thrombopoietin is to maintain normal range of platelets in a human body, neither high platelet count nor low platelet count is not good for a body.

Stage of low platelet count:

Thrombocytopenia is also known as low platelet count stage, its help to create blood clots, when the damage tissues turn into injury crust then platelets repair them. Minor injuries convert into major injuries of thrombocytopenia patients because it’s become difficult to stop bleeding, thrombocytopenia is possible in dengue, anemia, aids and cancer affected people, this happen when bone marrow doesn’t form sufficient no. of platelet or platelet form by bone marrow consume by body or spleen present in body also with keep back platelet.

How to increase low platelets

Sign of alertness:

1-continuously bleeding from nose and gums,
2-regularly bleeding during urinal and poop,
3-Too much bleeding during periods,
5-bleeding don’t stop even after putting pressure on injuries more than 5 minutes,
6-Dizziness or feeling of dizziness,
7-felling very tired.

Red blood cell supplies oxygen and food to a body, every cell contains protein and known as Hemoglobin which supplies oxygen to the blood, without this, not a single blood cell survive. Shortage of oxygen is called anaemia which happens due to deficiency of folic acid, vitamin-B12 and vitamin-C. we should include spinach, fenugreek (methi),beans, other green leafy vegetables, lentil (masoor daal) ,kidney bean(mung daal) and pigeon pea (arhar daal) in our diets to overcome this deficiency.
The White blood cell is the main part of the natural immune system of the body and its life lies between a day to many years, life is longer than red blood cell but less in numbers. Any young people have white blood cell from 5000 to 11000 per cubic millimetre blood.
White blood cell remains intact by taking vitamin –A and E which is found in curd, garlic, tomato, carrots, olive oil and almond oil .

How to increase low platelets


Ayurvedic solution to increase platelet count:
1-juice of papaya leaf
2-Juice of Giloy (Tinospora cardifolia-wild) .
3-Juice of aloe vera increase the platelet count.

1-Avoid alcohol because its damage bone marrow which results in slowing down the forming of the platelet.
2-Keep away from toxic chemicals which also slow down the production of the platelet.
3- Does not forget to get a vaccination that also affects platelet count.