Benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is tasty in taste but its constitutes of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats is good for health. We can use it even pouring on salad as well. Olive oil doesn’t contain cholesterol and carbohydrates and its major benefits of olive oil. The smoke point of extra virgin oil is very high and it’s considered the best cooking oil. olive oil is not detrimental to health because its smoke out lesser than normal oil. its preserve the quality of oil boiling at 190 degrees so other normal oil or refined oil lost this property.

Reduce the possibilities of cancer: Olive oil consists of phytonutrients ole yoketh el which help in lowering down swelling. it also alleviates the possibilities of reoccurrence of cancer.

Keep heart safe: Olive oil includes LDL which controls the level of bad cholesterol. It increases the good cholesterol level in blood. It plays a protective role and stops the formation of fatty patches. According to a research, those people who take 6 tablespoons of olive oil or more than this in their daily diet have 87 percentage less possibility of the cardiovascular problem.

Lessen the risk of diabetic:Olive oil controls the blood sugar level. Its comprise a little or very little saturated fats. Taking 1 tablespoon of olive oil reduces the risk of the possibility of Diabetic -2 by 10 percentage.

Fit fat:olive oil consists of high calories. One tablespoon consists of 120 calories that’s why we should use it in a limited way. Stomach remains full by consuming olive oil. Its control appetite as well as the desire of eating sweet.

Beauty benefits:Olive oil is used for many years for keeping healthy skin and strong hair. If you are thinking to use olive oil as a moisturiser then use high-quality extra virgin oil. Consuming 2 tablespoons of olive oil make your skin young and glowing. Remove wrinkles by applying the mixture of lemon juice with olive oil on your three times a week.

benefits of olive oil

Strong bone: Olive oil fulfils the requirement of minerals and calcium for bone. Its help in absorbing calcium which leads stronger bone and also alleviates the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis. So including olive oil in daily diet makes bone healthy
Olive oil is an integral part of Mediterranean diet. According to new research, olive oil protects liver from oxidative stress. Olive oil maintains blood circulation which leads to control blood pressure is another benefits of olive oil.

benefits of olive oil


How to store olive oil:Olive oil becomes oxidise and stale when it comes to direct contact with sunlight, oxygen and heat.No need to keep this oil in refrigerator and keep away from stove ,gas oven, microwave etc. Life of olive oil depends on packaging and quality of oil, olive oil in seal bottle has life from 3 months to 2 years.If you want to take full benefits of olive oil then use it within 6 months.