Air pollution effect Teenagers


Development becomes curse for environment. Polluting the environment by emanating poisonous air especially in cities due to rapid industrialization. Polluted air has maximum effect  on Teenagers. Poisonous gas mixed with air damages lungs of teenager .Breathing disease become common among teenager in cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

Air-pollution effect on TEenager

Lungs never fully developed at the time of birth due to lack of fresh air, normally its takes six month to fully develop healthy lung because teenager needs more oxygen than adults that’s why teenager breathe a little faster. Juvenile absorb more toxic gas than oxygen due to contaminated environment. One-fourth of total adolescent population suffering either severe or very severe Asthma in all major cities.

We have to be very careful about teenager health since their immune system is not as strong as of peers to fight against environmental degradation. Teen are most affected as they live in such environment most of the time like in colony gardens, gardens or school playgrounds etc. Juvenile also encounter polluted environment while travelling in buses/going to schools.

       How to reduce the impact of air pollution on Teenager

  • Always check air pollution, make your plan accordingly.
  • If air pollution is very high, don’t allow teen to go out.
  • Encourage teen to play in morning as very less pollution found in morning.
  • Make best use of antipollution masks.
  • Serve liquid foods to juvenile mostly.
  • Keep an eye on Teenager health.
  • Consult doctor if they are suffering from allergy or asthma.
  • Always eat fresh fruits and vegetables after washing it properly.

Air-pollution effect on teenager All this happen because teen don’t pay attention on sanitation even they don’t wash their hands which results in high fever or sometimes cough produced in extended time/congested nose or stuffy nose produce breathing noises. Normally juvenile suffer allergy and fever due to polluted environment and they face problem even in breathing. Besides this, teenagers are affected more from polluted air when they are sick.

Disease from environmental pollution increases sharply in the last three decades in India. According to a research report, Teen is sickened due to contaminated environment and dust particle find in air. It’s not easy to diagnose breathing problem due to dust and polluted air. T-cell becomes vulnerable among teenager by coming constantly under polluted air.

Always protect from dust and smoke to teenager. Make changes in daily activities if your child complains about problem in breathing, don’t scold them rather go to doctor. Encourage them to take oxygen from nose rather than from mouth.

Polluted air mostly affects the age group of teenager from 11 to 14 years, you must take care of this age group of juvenile to make their immune system stronger.