Vitamins for healthy hair

Vitamins for healthy hair

Beautiful hair attract everybody but having healthy hair needs look after and includes some vitamins in your diet so the good-looking of hair always stay on. There are various vitamin for keeping healthy hair.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin-A is essentials for healthy growth of hair. Its help to keep up shiny and blackness of hair. Vitamin-A contain such antioxidants which give humidity to hair scalp and further stop it from dryness. It’s also help to make sebum on the scalp and supply humidity to hair which further stop the breaking of hair.

Foods rich in vitamin include carrot, sweet potato, cabbage, milk, egg yolk, mango, orange, apricot (khubani), tomato juice and cheese.


Vitamin B3, B6 and B12:-

Vitamin-B3 controls the blood supply to hair follicles on scalp.Woman who’s estrogen level lower down due to imbalance of hormones faces the problem of hair breaking at large. Deficiency of Vitamin-B6 brings about gangrene and depression problems which increase the frequency of hair fall.

Vitamin-B12 also play vital role in preserving the healthy hairs. Some foods which are high in Vitamin-B3,B6 and B12 consists of whole grains, meat , fish, chicken, wheat germ (ankur), egg yolk, vegetables, milk, curd, rice ,walnut, almonds, Bananas etc.

Vitamin-B complex also taken as a supplement besides these foods. This supplement also helps in maintaining the growth and density of hair.

Vitamins for healthy hair


Constitute water-soluble properties besides antioxidant elements which assist in maintaining healthy hairs.  Antioxidant in vitamin-C prevents drying out and tenderness of hair. This vitamin also helps in untimely white hair and hair dryness problems. Vitamin-C help in controlling hair color, growth and healthy hair.

There are the foods which contains vitamin-c like lemon, Guava, grapes, orange, Pineapples, leafy vegetable etc. Hair fall lessen by continuous consumption of vitamin-C in your diet. Vitamin-C never produces in body however ought to take up as vitamin or supplements.


Vitamins for healthy hair


Vitamin-D also help in maintaining the healthy hair, calcium help to make hair stronger.

This vitamin expedites creation of follicles which results in re-birth of hair growth.

There are various source of vitamin-d like whole grain, orange juice, fish, low-fat milk etc.




Vitamin-E keeps away the problem of rough and dry hair as well as help in growth of hair. This vitamin control blood supply on scalp which help out in growth of healthy hair.

Foods which are full of vitamin-E are almonds, milk, papaya, sunflower oil, tomato, spinach etc. Use vitamin-E oil as a supplement for healthy hair.

Vitamins for healthy hair