How to relieve heat stroke-Loo

Heat waves blow in the middle of the day in summer is known as Heat strokes. You should guard your head and ear by covering them with a piece of cotton or Umbrella etc. One must take a glass of water before going out of home. Following  are  the  some drinks and foods which stay away the risk of Heat strokes.

Indian lemonade

Shikanji has been always a good drink in sweltering summer season in India. We face a shortage of water in our body due to too much sweating and deficit of other supplement but shikanji succeed in these deficiencies since it’s contained electrolytes. Indian lemonade keeps your stomach cool as well as your digestive system to work better. Drinking a glass of lemon shikanji purify your blood and boost your body energy.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes(Loo)


Green chili

If we want ourselves safe from heat strokes, then we must have green chilly with meals  in summer days. Antioxidants found in green chilly enhance the capacity of our immune system that would fight against the diseases.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes(Loo)

Green Chilli


Using sattu syrup  is very handy in whenever you are feeling thirsty in scorching summer period. It helps in keeping the body temperature lower and keep away other stomach diseases as it has high quantity of fiber. Sattu has heat strokes fighting elements so use it as a health drink.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes

Sattu Drink


Onion is a gem in summer season, there is no alternative. Eating raw onion with meals in the form of salad on everyday protect us from heat strokes. It is very beneficial in loose appetite and loose motions. Onion guards us from heat and helps our immune system perfect.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes


Green Cardamom (choti ilachi)

It protects you from heat strokes If you would put a piece of green cardamom into your mouth before going out in sunlight.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes(Loo)

Choti ilachi

sugarcane juice

A glass of sugarcane juice instantly boosts your energy level as it contains vitamin–C, zinc and phosphorus.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes(Loo)

Ganne ka juice


You don’t face the water deficiency in your body by consuming cucumber, as its consist of 95% water.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes(Loo)