Best fruits to eat in summer for Healthy living.

Best summer season fruits in India for healthy living.


Mango is found in every part of India from north to south and west to east and its a best fruits to eat in summer. There are plenty of varieties you can find across the India and it has various names in different region. There are 25 carotenoids found in mangoes and the maximum quantity of beta-carotene among all.

Mango contains a high nutritional value which gives you more energy in summer season and its antioxidant constituent lessen the possibilities of heart disease. As it is very effective in controlling blood pressure. Mangos also lessen the possibility of inadequacy of blood as it does consist of sufficient quantity of Iron. It’s also supply sodium and zinc to our body which guard from sweltering heat and heat waves and preserve our body temperature stable.People are used to make mango shakes to boost their energy in summer season in India.

Best summer season fruits



Watermelon has a sufficient quantity of water which fulfills the body requirements of water so it’s a best fruits to eat  during summer season in India. Watermelon eating habits also relive in constipation (kabz) by making intestine muscle stronger. Watermelon consists of high quantity of fiber and a very little portion of carbohydrates, which is good, even for diabetic patients to consume it in the summer season. You can control your cholesterol level by including these fruits in your daily diet because there is no fatty constituent found in it so it’s a gem for heart patients. Lycopene is vital for maintaining our shining and clean skin which is present in watermelon. Whenever you take in watermelon just sprinkle a pinch of black pepper powder, it really alleviates your digestion problem.

Best summer season fruits

Water melon


Another major summer season fruit in India is apricot that is yielding in the hilly area. It’s vital to have apricot in summer season to keep you fresh and your body fit. Apricot consists of various vitamins and fiber. We can get rid of stomach worms and improves digestion so make our immune system stronger by consuming it. You can eliminate Pimples / acne (keel muhase) and get clear, glowing skin by leveraging benefits of Apricot. Having apricot in the diet also controls cholesterol level.

Best fruits to eat in summer



Muskmelon contains 95% water and many others vitamins & minerals. It’s also a good source of antioxidant & vitamin-C and its potassium property keep you away from the Depression. We can use muskmelon in digestion and acidity related problem.

Best fruits to eat in summer

Musk melon