Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart Attacks means when the flow of oxygen rich blood to a section of heart muscles suddenly become blocked and the heart can’t get the oxygen if left untreated .Section of a heart start to die. Doctors strongly suggest seeking help within an hour after the onset of symptoms this critical period is called the golden hour where chances of surviving are the best.

1.Chest pain: is the most common heart attack symptoms but some women may experience it differently than man .It may  feel like squeezing or fullness and  the pain can be anywhere in the chest, not just on the left side .It is usually truly uncomfortable during heart attack feels like a voice  being tightened. Pain in your arm, back, neck or jaw. This type of pain is more common in women than men. It may confused  women expect their pain to be focused on chest and left arm, not their  back or jaw . The pain can be gradual or sudden.

2.Shortness of breath: if you are having trouble of breath for no apparent reason you could be having heart attack.  It can feel like, you have run a marathon but you did not make a move.

3.Dizziness and sweating: absolutely can be symptoms of heart attack and women dizziness can come because if the heart muscles does’t  receiving enough blood then heart muscle don’t function properly and is unable to pump adequate blood amount to brain which make you feel sweating. Alternatively if  heart muscles is not pumping enough blood then body ramps up  its system to increase the amount of Adrenaline which cause you to sway because it’s really trying to get the heart to work more efficiently but the heart is unable to work because it’s being starved of blood flow at the time of heart attack.

4.Fatigues: some women who have heart attack feel like extremely tired even they have been sitting still for a while or having not moved much. Patients often complain about the tiredness of chest. Women generally wait longer than men before going to the emergency room.

5.High blood pressure: through the year’s women can develop heart failure which is related to thickening of the heart muscles these women are generally older and they were often under diagnosed because they believe that at this time of life they should be fatigued, tired, short of breath.

Heart attack symptoms in women

Women can prevent Heart Attack

1. Keeping blood pressure under control number

2. Quit smoking

3. They should take proper diet and low carbohydrate diet

4. Do basic exercises on daily basis

5.Check your weight

6. Lastly they should keep all the emergency contact numbers of doctors and hospitals




Top 6 medical checkup for men after 30+ age

Responsibilities of men  increase at the age of 30 or 30+. Men put their best efforts in to maintain the  balance between family and work that leads the potentiality of health drawback,  therefore it becomes vital for them to be cautious about possible health issues by carry out some important medical checkup.

Diabetic: Men must do the  medical checkup of diabetic once in a year because it causes other health problem too. It is estimated that one-fourth people affected with diabetic could not be treated  in the  time worldwide.You will come to know by this diabetic medical test that you can prevent this disease by changing in your daily lifestyle. According to research, we can minimise the risk of the diabetic by walking 30 minutes daily and by decreasing 5 percent body weight. It is also said that health hazard of the diabetic can be reduced to 58 percent by consuming fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber-rich foods.

Dental checkup: Carry out the dental medical checkup one time  in two years. There is the direct relation between heart attack and dental problems as it leads to swelling of heart arteries which carry blood to heart when existing bacteria in mouth moves in the body through the blood. The good thing is that gums problem can be diagnosed  fully and live the healthy life if we can identify the dental problems in time.

top 6 medical checkup

BMI: Perform body index mass examination once in three years or whenever you gain weight. Fatness becomes a major problem around the world, billions of  people are affected from obesity. Obesity leads to high blood pressure, diabetic, heart issues and cancer disease. We Know correct body weight according to your height with the help of BMI examination and come to know whether our body weight is under or above the index. A BMI between 18.5 to 24.9 consider a standard weight and if your BMI more than 25 than it’s an indication for you to control your weight.

Heart attack: Do LDL Cholesterol medical checkup once in five year as bad cholesterol is considered the main cause of heart attach & heart diseases. You should cont checkup your heart on the  regular basis If you are suffering from high blood pressure and heart problems in order to know the health of a heart. So that you can take preventive steps and help avert heart diseases.

HIV: Carry out HIV examination once in five years. HIV testing shows whether or not someone is infected with HIV. HIV stands for human immunological disorder virus. HIV is that the virus that causes AIDS (acquired immunological disorder syndrome). AIDS is that the most advanced stage of HIV infection. HIV testing will discover HIV infection however,it can’t tell how long someone has been HIV infected or if the person has AIDS. Knowing your HIV standing will facilitate keep you—and others—safe.

Negative Testing shows that you just don’t have HIV.Positive Testing shows that you just square measure infected with HIV, however you’ll be able to still take steps to safeguard your health.  ART is that the use of HIV medicines to treat HIV infection. Folks on ART take a mixture of HIV medicines on a daily basis. ART helps folks with HIV live longer, healthier lives. ART additionally reduces the danger of sexual transmission of HIV.

top 6 medical checkup

Testicular cancer: Cancer within the male organs that create male hormones and sperm cell (testicles).Testicular cancer usually develops in one or each testicle in young men; however it will occur in older men additionally. It’s very much treatable and frequently curable style of cancer. Every quarter examination of testicular is recommended for the people in the age range from 20-39. Keep an eye on untimely swelling.

Female Hormones

Hormones in the female body like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) . These hormones produce in female ovaries in rotation and level of these hormones increases or decrease during ovulation. Estrogen is considered the most important hormones in the female body, its make lining of the uterus, activate breast tissues and make vaginal wall thick. This hormone affects every part of female organs.

Progesterone hormones develop in the last 14 days of the menstrual cycle in the female body and it helps  in creating uterus lining, affects sensitive tissues of estrogen hormones as well.

Female hormones


Testosterone hormone plays an important role in sex desire.

Estrogen hormones increase metabolism, accumulate fat in the body, reduces muscle mass, turn up sexual desire and make uterus healthy. Lack of estrogen  lead to irregular periods, leave out of periods, Mood swings, infertility, lack of sexual desire and early menopause are other problems.

Progesterone  also known as pregnancy hormones. This hormone prepares the uterus to conceive a pregnancy .It is supposed that progesterone hormone increase milk production and ease in delivery due to a lower level of this hormone after pregnancy. Most female faces problems like heavy and irregular periods, recurrent abortion problems due to deficiency of this hormone in the body. Pre-menstrual syndrome, an increase in belly fat, quickly tired, depression and Osteoporosis are problems because of low levels of progesterone hormone in the body.

Testosterone is considered to be important sex hormone in the female body. Its enhance sexual desire besides changes in puberty like changes in voice, pimples and play a vital role in the growth of the body. Female faces problem like hair loss, dry skin and turning off sexual feeling due to lack of this hormone etc. Prolactin hormones help in the lactation process by activating the pituitary glands in the brain. It also plays a pertinent role in the development of a child during pregnancy. Normally, female faces the shortage of this hormone at the time of delivery due to too much bleeding.

Unbalanced Hormones:

Hormones become imbalanced due to an  increase in estrogen hormones and turn down in progesterone hormone.it happens due to changes in lifestyle and growing age of the female ,now young girls also facing this problem in metro cities.

There are various reasons for unbalanced hormone-like:

1). Anxiety and depression due to tensions.

2). Genetic reasons.

3). Birth controls pill and hormone replacement therapy.

4). Enhance in Weight and BMI. Estrogen hormones level increase due to secretion of body fat cells.

5). Unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep etc.

 Diets for hormones:

1). Control unbalance hormones by having nutritional and control diet like zinc control testosterone, eat dark chocolates, ground nut, beef, lamb, crab and fish

2). Increase fiber in the  diet. Includes high fiber diet like whole wheat, fruits and vegetables and these controls estrogen hormone in the  body. 



3). Eat Omega 3 fatty acids thing like walnuts and fish maintained the hormone in balance.

4). Prohibit caffeine and alcohol. Too much consumption of caffeine and alcohol create a  pre-menstrual problem and its also increase the weight, which put you into an unbalance hormone cycle.

5).Eat vitamin-B5 contains foods. Tryptophan found in large quantity in milk, curd,eggs and fish which control stress hormone cortisol and make changes in sleep hormone melatonin.

Benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is tasty in taste but its constitutes of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats is good for health. We can use it even pouring on salad as well. Olive oil doesn’t contain cholesterol and carbohydrates and its major benefits of olive oil. The smoke point of extra virgin oil is very high and it’s considered the best cooking oil. olive oil is not detrimental to health because its smoke out lesser than normal oil. its preserve the quality of oil boiling at 190 degrees so other normal oil or refined oil lost this property.

Reduce the possibilities of cancer: Olive oil consists of phytonutrients ole yoketh el which help in lowering down swelling. it also alleviates the possibilities of reoccurrence of cancer.

Keep heart safe: Olive oil includes LDL which controls the level of bad cholesterol. It increases the good cholesterol level in blood. It plays a protective role and stops the formation of fatty patches. According to a research, those people who take 6 tablespoons of olive oil or more than this in their daily diet have 87 percentage less possibility of the cardiovascular problem.

Lessen the risk of diabetic:Olive oil controls the blood sugar level. Its comprise a little or very little saturated fats. Taking 1 tablespoon of olive oil reduces the risk of the possibility of Diabetic -2 by 10 percentage.

Fit fat:olive oil consists of high calories. One tablespoon consists of 120 calories that’s why we should use it in a limited way. Stomach remains full by consuming olive oil. Its control appetite as well as the desire of eating sweet.

Beauty benefits:Olive oil is used for many years for keeping healthy skin and strong hair. If you are thinking to use olive oil as a moisturiser then use high-quality extra virgin oil. Consuming 2 tablespoons of olive oil make your skin young and glowing. Remove wrinkles by applying the mixture of lemon juice with olive oil on your three times a week.

benefits of olive oil

Strong bone: Olive oil fulfils the requirement of minerals and calcium for bone. Its help in absorbing calcium which leads stronger bone and also alleviates the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis. So including olive oil in daily diet makes bone healthy
Olive oil is an integral part of Mediterranean diet. According to new research, olive oil protects liver from oxidative stress. Olive oil maintains blood circulation which leads to control blood pressure is another benefits of olive oil.

benefits of olive oil


How to store olive oil:Olive oil becomes oxidise and stale when it comes to direct contact with sunlight, oxygen and heat.No need to keep this oil in refrigerator and keep away from stove ,gas oven, microwave etc. Life of olive oil depends on packaging and quality of oil, olive oil in seal bottle has life from 3 months to 2 years.If you want to take full benefits of olive oil then use it within 6 months.


In Vitro Fertilisation Process (IVF).

What is In Vitro fertilisation (IVF) ?
IVF stand for In Vitro Fertilization Pregnancy which means making pregnancy process artificial. IVF is a process by which an egg is fertilised by male sperm outside the body, in glass (Vitro). There were few cases of becoming mothers through the In VitroFertilisation process (IVF) some year back, but no. of cases of IVF mother has been increased sharply in last 2-3 years. When males or female reaches the stage of infertility due to any reason or when female can’t conceive through natural way then requires In Vitro Fertilisation process (IVF).

Process of IVF:
Female egg fertilises with male sperm in this process. The Same condition is required for this process like temperature, attempt to give hormones, which is naturally available in any female body. Thereafter, fertilised egg places in the women’s uterus. Treatment in a fertility clinic is started on the second day of the period so that doctor can check whether the fertilisation procedure is working properly or not and if its fertilised then put into the uterus. There is 50-50 chance of success of IVF procedure. The Doctor tells about the physical look, character of the donor but their identity never discloses. Doctor always tries to find donor should be similar to parents looks.
The whole IVF process costs between Rs.160000to 210000 if IVF success in the first attempt otherwise you have to pay again. It can be reduced to Rs.50000 if the doctor has an extra frozen embryo.

Four kinds of technique:

1-Intracyptoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). This technique is used either when the female tube is blocked or sperm count is very low. Sperm donation process also follows in this technique. Sperm injects directly into an egg under this procedure.

2-Laser Hatching: This process requires when female try to conceive at a later age. Due to increasing age, egg wall becomes very strong and sperm fails to enter into that wall so the egg wall open with the help of laser hatching technique allows sperm head to enter inside egg wall.

3-Blastocyst culture: This is the second stage of IVF fertilisation in which fertilised egg implant in the uterus and purpose of this process is to maximise pregnancy rate and minimise the risk of multiple pregnancies.

4-Zona free embryo transfer: when blastocyst culture also fails in old age female due to a very strong outer covering of blastula stage, then doctor uses enzymes to make that outer covering weaker.

Reason for infertility:
Physical reasons:
1- 1 out of 5 is not conceiving due to tuberculosis.
2- the Inappropriate timing of the egg is the major reason for infertility and this include disturb menstrual cycle.
3- Menstrual cycle never starts in some cases.
4- Absence of sperm in male or low quantity or low quality of sperm.
5- Sometimes it happens that females can’t conceive even after fertilisation or due to miscarriage.
Lifestyle related reason:
1- Stress is the biggest problem in conceiving a normal pregnancy.
2- Unhealthy lifestyle among female leads to obesity, which create thyroid problem and this disturb fertility hormones.
3- Polycystic ovary syndrome is another reason of infertility in females.
If the female uterus fits for conceiving, pregnancy then IVF procedure is the right option. IVF the process is also suitable when no. egg formation in females, low count of egg, blockage in the tube or some deficiency in the male.

In Vitro Fertilisation Process (IVF).

 who requires surrogacy?
If a female is not capable of conceiving uterus pregnancy, then she needs a surrogate mother even after IVF and whatever condition of the male have no role in surrogacy. Surrogacy requires for the following reason:
1. Multiple abortion
2. When uterus becomes weak, then it’s become difficult to sustain the embryo.
3. In some case, uterus takes out due to some reason.
4. Fibroid in the uterus is a major issue nowadays which also create problems in conceiving.
5. Some female are not ready mentally for children.

What is the process of surrogacy?
If the egg in female and sperm in a male is available, then fertilised egg implant with the help of IVF in the surrogate mother. But in case, if egg or sperm is not available, then fertilisation process start after taking from a donor.
Too much caring is required in surrogacy as a child is growing in another womb.
It’s cost around 8 to 10 lakh rupees.

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How to increase the low platelets count

It’s common to suffer diseases in changing weather condition, viral cases increase tremendously and most of the doctors recommend taking foods full of vitamin C. Actually, most of the diseases weaken the immune system which ultimately affects the platelets count.

The function of Platelets in a body.
Any young people have 6 litres blood, Blood is formed of many sorts of cells. These cells float during a liquid known as plasma. the categories of blood cells are:

1-red blood cells
2-white blood cells
3-platelets, or thrombocytes

Platelets consist of the maximum share of blood, Platelets normal size is in .002 to .004 micrometre. It’s looks like oval shape through a microscope, a young person has between 150000 to 400000 platelets per cubic millimetre. The major function of platelets is to stop bleeding in the body. Platelets create a temporary wall after mixing with collagen fluid and stop the damage of blood drain. Platelets bone marrow ,very small particles mix up with blood due to thrombopoietin hormone, these thrombopoietin hormones destroy itself within 8 to 10 days. The function of thrombopoietin is to maintain normal range of platelets in a human body, neither high platelet count nor low platelet count is not good for a body.

Stage of low platelet count:

Thrombocytopenia is also known as low platelet count stage, its help to create blood clots, when the damage tissues turn into injury crust then platelets repair them. Minor injuries convert into major injuries of thrombocytopenia patients because it’s become difficult to stop bleeding, thrombocytopenia is possible in dengue, anemia, aids and cancer affected people, this happen when bone marrow doesn’t form sufficient no. of platelet or platelet form by bone marrow consume by body or spleen present in body also with keep back platelet.

How to increase low platelets

Sign of alertness:

1-continuously bleeding from nose and gums,
2-regularly bleeding during urinal and poop,
3-Too much bleeding during periods,
5-bleeding don’t stop even after putting pressure on injuries more than 5 minutes,
6-Dizziness or feeling of dizziness,
7-felling very tired.

Red blood cell supplies oxygen and food to a body, every cell contains protein and known as Hemoglobin which supplies oxygen to the blood, without this, not a single blood cell survive. Shortage of oxygen is called anaemia which happens due to deficiency of folic acid, vitamin-B12 and vitamin-C. we should include spinach, fenugreek (methi),beans, other green leafy vegetables, lentil (masoor daal) ,kidney bean(mung daal) and pigeon pea (arhar daal) in our diets to overcome this deficiency.
The White blood cell is the main part of the natural immune system of the body and its life lies between a day to many years, life is longer than red blood cell but less in numbers. Any young people have white blood cell from 5000 to 11000 per cubic millimetre blood.
White blood cell remains intact by taking vitamin –A and E which is found in curd, garlic, tomato, carrots, olive oil and almond oil .

How to increase low platelets


Ayurvedic solution to increase platelet count:
1-juice of papaya leaf
2-Juice of Giloy (Tinospora cardifolia-wild) .
3-Juice of aloe vera increase the platelet count.

1-Avoid alcohol because its damage bone marrow which results in slowing down the forming of the platelet.
2-Keep away from toxic chemicals which also slow down the production of the platelet.
3- Does not forget to get a vaccination that also affects platelet count.

Air pollution effect Teenagers


Development becomes curse for environment. Polluting the environment by emanating poisonous air especially in cities due to rapid industrialization. Polluted air has maximum effect  on Teenagers. Poisonous gas mixed with air damages lungs of teenager .Breathing disease become common among teenager in cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

Air-pollution effect on TEenager

Lungs never fully developed at the time of birth due to lack of fresh air, normally its takes six month to fully develop healthy lung because teenager needs more oxygen than adults that’s why teenager breathe a little faster. Juvenile absorb more toxic gas than oxygen due to contaminated environment. One-fourth of total adolescent population suffering either severe or very severe Asthma in all major cities.

We have to be very careful about teenager health since their immune system is not as strong as of peers to fight against environmental degradation. Teen are most affected as they live in such environment most of the time like in colony gardens, gardens or school playgrounds etc. Juvenile also encounter polluted environment while travelling in buses/going to schools.

       How to reduce the impact of air pollution on Teenager

  • Always check air pollution, make your plan accordingly.
  • If air pollution is very high, don’t allow teen to go out.
  • Encourage teen to play in morning as very less pollution found in morning.
  • Make best use of antipollution masks.
  • Serve liquid foods to juvenile mostly.
  • Keep an eye on Teenager health.
  • Consult doctor if they are suffering from allergy or asthma.
  • Always eat fresh fruits and vegetables after washing it properly.

Air-pollution effect on teenager All this happen because teen don’t pay attention on sanitation even they don’t wash their hands which results in high fever or sometimes cough produced in extended time/congested nose or stuffy nose produce breathing noises. Normally juvenile suffer allergy and fever due to polluted environment and they face problem even in breathing. Besides this, teenagers are affected more from polluted air when they are sick.

Disease from environmental pollution increases sharply in the last three decades in India. According to a research report, Teen is sickened due to contaminated environment and dust particle find in air. It’s not easy to diagnose breathing problem due to dust and polluted air. T-cell becomes vulnerable among teenager by coming constantly under polluted air.

Always protect from dust and smoke to teenager. Make changes in daily activities if your child complains about problem in breathing, don’t scold them rather go to doctor. Encourage them to take oxygen from nose rather than from mouth.

Polluted air mostly affects the age group of teenager from 11 to 14 years, you must take care of this age group of juvenile to make their immune system stronger.



Vitamins for healthy hair

Vitamins for healthy hair

Beautiful hair attract everybody but having healthy hair needs look after and includes some vitamins in your diet so the good-looking of hair always stay on. There are various vitamin for keeping healthy hair.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin-A is essentials for healthy growth of hair. Its help to keep up shiny and blackness of hair. Vitamin-A contain such antioxidants which give humidity to hair scalp and further stop it from dryness. It’s also help to make sebum on the scalp and supply humidity to hair which further stop the breaking of hair.

Foods rich in vitamin include carrot, sweet potato, cabbage, milk, egg yolk, mango, orange, apricot (khubani), tomato juice and cheese.


Vitamin B3, B6 and B12:-

Vitamin-B3 controls the blood supply to hair follicles on scalp.Woman who’s estrogen level lower down due to imbalance of hormones faces the problem of hair breaking at large. Deficiency of Vitamin-B6 brings about gangrene and depression problems which increase the frequency of hair fall.

Vitamin-B12 also play vital role in preserving the healthy hairs. Some foods which are high in Vitamin-B3,B6 and B12 consists of whole grains, meat , fish, chicken, wheat germ (ankur), egg yolk, vegetables, milk, curd, rice ,walnut, almonds, Bananas etc.

Vitamin-B complex also taken as a supplement besides these foods. This supplement also helps in maintaining the growth and density of hair.

Vitamins for healthy hair


Constitute water-soluble properties besides antioxidant elements which assist in maintaining healthy hairs.  Antioxidant in vitamin-C prevents drying out and tenderness of hair. This vitamin also helps in untimely white hair and hair dryness problems. Vitamin-C help in controlling hair color, growth and healthy hair.

There are the foods which contains vitamin-c like lemon, Guava, grapes, orange, Pineapples, leafy vegetable etc. Hair fall lessen by continuous consumption of vitamin-C in your diet. Vitamin-C never produces in body however ought to take up as vitamin or supplements.


Vitamins for healthy hair


Vitamin-D also help in maintaining the healthy hair, calcium help to make hair stronger.

This vitamin expedites creation of follicles which results in re-birth of hair growth.

There are various source of vitamin-d like whole grain, orange juice, fish, low-fat milk etc.




Vitamin-E keeps away the problem of rough and dry hair as well as help in growth of hair. This vitamin control blood supply on scalp which help out in growth of healthy hair.

Foods which are full of vitamin-E are almonds, milk, papaya, sunflower oil, tomato, spinach etc. Use vitamin-E oil as a supplement for healthy hair.

Vitamins for healthy hair



Healthy Skin Care Tips for women

Taking care of skin in summer season is as important as in winter time.Your skin gets more dusty and messy as skin holes and pores open in the summer period and  have to face skin related problems like pimples & acne issue.You can cure these skin problems by applying raw milk (Kachha Doodh) on your face.You can get rid of skin holes & pores by employing the mixture of Tomato, cucumber and lemon juice lead glowing and healthy skin.

Alovera gel for healthy skin

Alovera gel is very vital in eliminating the wrinkle. You should massage your skin with Alovera gel on every day before going to sleep and its contains vitamin-C, which provide humidity to your skin and make skin smoother and refresh.

Healthy skin care tips

Dried skin of orange powder

Make a fine powder of dried skin of Orange. You should apply the mixture of 1 teaspoon of orange skin powder with rose water for 15 minutes and wash your face thereafter. Your pimples remove by putting in use this skin care tip.

Healthy skin care tips


French  beans

French beans (Sem ki phalli) contain iron ore, magnesium, calcium and vitamin-A, so it is full of nutritional value. French beans purify blood and it’s also cure the skin related problem occurred due to  Blood disorder.Get beautiful and healthy skin by having French bean in your diet.

Healthy skin care tips

French bean

Drink Water

Your skin becomes dry, dull and dark as shortage of water in your body. So it’s necessary to drink at least 9-10 full glass of water each day for getting glowing and healthy skin. Toxic particles flush out from the body and also get shining, flashing and healthy skin by drinking water.

Healthy skin care tips

Drinking water

Turmeric Powder

Make a paste of Turmeric powder and black sesame and apply onto your face for getting dazzling and healthy skin. A Mixture of coconut oil and turmeric powder removes the pimple & acne, gives smooth healthy skin. Turmeric powder paste also uses for fairer and whitening skin.

Healthy skin care tips



Just apply pure honey onto your face for 30 minutes and wash it to get glowing, smooth and healthy skin.

Healthy skin care tips



How to relieve heat stroke-Loo

Heat waves blow in the middle of the day in summer is known as Heat strokes. You should guard your head and ear by covering them with a piece of cotton or Umbrella etc. One must take a glass of water before going out of home. Following  are  the  some drinks and foods which stay away the risk of Heat strokes.

Indian lemonade

Shikanji has been always a good drink in sweltering summer season in India. We face a shortage of water in our body due to too much sweating and deficit of other supplement but shikanji succeed in these deficiencies since it’s contained electrolytes. Indian lemonade keeps your stomach cool as well as your digestive system to work better. Drinking a glass of lemon shikanji purify your blood and boost your body energy.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes(Loo)


Green chili

If we want ourselves safe from heat strokes, then we must have green chilly with meals  in summer days. Antioxidants found in green chilly enhance the capacity of our immune system that would fight against the diseases.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes(Loo)

Green Chilli


Using sattu syrup  is very handy in whenever you are feeling thirsty in scorching summer period. It helps in keeping the body temperature lower and keep away other stomach diseases as it has high quantity of fiber. Sattu has heat strokes fighting elements so use it as a health drink.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes

Sattu Drink


Onion is a gem in summer season, there is no alternative. Eating raw onion with meals in the form of salad on everyday protect us from heat strokes. It is very beneficial in loose appetite and loose motions. Onion guards us from heat and helps our immune system perfect.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes


Green Cardamom (choti ilachi)

It protects you from heat strokes If you would put a piece of green cardamom into your mouth before going out in sunlight.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes(Loo)

Choti ilachi

sugarcane juice

A glass of sugarcane juice instantly boosts your energy level as it contains vitamin–C, zinc and phosphorus.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes(Loo)

Ganne ka juice


You don’t face the water deficiency in your body by consuming cucumber, as its consist of 95% water.

Drinks & foods to save from Heat strokes(Loo)